Is using fake ID synonymous with impersonation?

Aug 10, 2018

For many of us that are used to reading online articles about fake ID, the question about whether fake ID is impersonation is always one of the highest questions in the comment section. There are always different views on this question.
In simple terms, impersonation is regarded as pretending to be who you are not. Any other definition than this is just a way of making the word more complex to understand.Best Fake ID Impersonation is a criminal offense if the person impersonating a person is caught.
In addition, an impersonator is a person who is pretending to be another person. For instance, if Mr. A is pretending to be Mr. B, he will bear his name, his address, his picture and his other details.
Going back to the topic, there is no general answer from writers on whether using a fake ID is impersonation or not. The reason why there are different views to this is that in some cases, fake ID bears the names of the person holding it but just that there are little modifications to his other details.
This means that if the literal meaning of impersonation is used to make a judgment, fake ID might simply survive been regarded as impersonation. For instance, it is advisable for underage to make use of their real names whenever they want to procure a fake ID. The essence of this is for the fake ID to bear their name; this will make it more real.
In most of the fake IDs used by underage drinkers, the only modification on the ID is the age. The modification to the age is to remove the restrictions placed on the underage students. So meaning if a judgment is to be made from this view, a holder of a fake ID is not an impersonator.
Now to the view of other writers that believed that the use of fake ID is impersonation. They are of the opinion that legal practitioners have declared fake IDs as illegal material. The writers argued that any modification made to identity has rendered the ID not as real anymore.
They are of the view that the modification has made the identity another person entirely and this means that the person is pretending to be who he is not. For instance, Scannable Fake ID,in the case of an underage, it means the underage is pretending to be an adult who is responsible for his or her actions.
As a matter of fact,oregon fake id, it is still a bone of contention on whether to conclude that using a fake ID is impersonation or not. Though legal practitioners might have declared it as illegal and the government is also making efforts to stop the use of fake ID but everyone still has right to express his or her view concerning the subject matter.
In conclusion, there are always two sides to a coin, this is the reason why it is not possible for everybody to have similar views on a subject matter. Fake ID cannot be assumed to be impersonation in its entirety.